Solid-Liquid Equilibria in Fatty Acid/Triglycerol Systems

Nishimura, K.; Maeda, K.; Kuramochi, H.; Nakagawa, K.; Asakuma, Y.; fukui, K.; osako, M.; Sakai, S. (2011) Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data, 56: 1613-1616

Used for biofuel production, fatty acids and their corresponding triglycerols are stored in most plants. At room temperature, saturated fatty acids and their triglycerols are solid, whereas unsaturated fatty acids and their triglycerols are liquid. Solid−liquid equilibrium data were measured for various binary systems of fatty acids and their triglycerols by differential scanning calorimetry. The freezing temperatures from liquidus curves for the binary systems containing tripalmitine were higher than those for systems containing palmitic acid. At the eutectic point, the melting temperatures for binary systems containing tripalmitine or palmitic acid were similar. The liquidus curves from the solid−liquid equilibrium data were compared with the predicted values obtained by using the LLE-UNIFAC model, and good agreement between the experimental and calculated results was found.