Strategy for separation and treatment of disaster waste: a manual for earthquake and tsunami disaster waste management in Japan

Asari, M., Sakai, S., Yoshioka, T., Tojo, Y., Tasaki, T., Takigami, H., Watanabe, K. (2013) Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management, 15: 290-299

Shortly after the March 11th earthquake and tsunami in eastern Japan, a Task Team for Disaster Waste Management and Reconstruction was established within the Japan Society of Material Cycles and Waste Management (JSMCWM). One of the major tasks undertaken by the team was to create a manual entitled, Strategies for Separation and Treatment of Disaster Waste. In this paper, this JSMCWM manual is introduced, followed by a review of existing guidelines for disaster waste management in various countries. We identify useful guidelines created by international agencies, national and local governments. The JSMCWM manual adds our new experiences, especially characterized by a huge scale of disaster and tsunami information, to the existing knowledge with an emphasis on separation and subsequent treatment options. It should be desirable to share our knowledge and experiences, not only domestically but also with other countries in the world, especially regions that could be affected by large earthquake and tsunami events.


Disaster waste, Manual, Separation, Recycling, Tsunami