Biomass Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste by 14C Method: Consecutive Sampling Over 25 Days

Hirai Y.; Fujimoto Y.; Sakai S. (2014) Proceedings of 3RINCs and SWAPI 2014, pp. 2C-2-03

   The aim of this study is to apply the 14C method to determine the biomass fraction of municipal solid wastes in Japan with special focus on the impact of the sampling period on the sampling variance. Twenty five consecutive daily stack gas samples at municipal solid waste incinerator at Kyoto, Japan from November 7 to December 2, 2013, were taken and analyzed for 14C. The results revealed that seven days of sampling duration is long enough to match the measurement error of AMS and the sampling errors caused by the handling of gas bags.


Biomass carbon; Fossil carbon; Radio carbon; Gas sampling