Concentrations of Phosphorous Flame Retardants (PFRs) in atmosphere, bulk deposition, and soil in Kyoto, Japan

Dien N. T.; Hirai Y.; Miyazaki T.; Sakai S. (2014) Proceedings of 23rd Symposium of Environmental Chemistry, pp. 305-306

In this report, we aim to present the occurrence of phosphorous flame retardants (PFRs), which are widely used as plasticizers and/or flame retardants and raised in regards to the environmental impact, in the environment Kyoto, Japan. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report presenting the analytical results of fourteen PFRs (TCPP, TBP, TEP, TPP, EHDP, TDCPP, TEHP, TBEP, TCP, TCEP, TXP, CDP, TMP, and TPrP) in atmosphere, bulk deposition, and soil in the same sites from Kyoto city.