Generation potential of Hazardous and/or Harmful Household Articles during Disasters

Mizuhara, S.; Yamane, Y.; Yano, J.; Asari, M.; Okuda, T.; (2017) The 4th 3R International Scientific Conference on Material Cycles and Waste Management, pp. B-2-3

The contamination of hazardous/harmful articles can disturb the treatment and recycle of main disaster waste and imperil the users and workers for waste treatment in temporary repository at large disaster. The objective of this research is the risk analysis of commingling of hazardous/harmful household articles with disaster waste in Japan, based on the estimation of generation potential (GP). The quantity of hazardous/harmful household articles present in households and the prediction of action (on ignorance and allowance) of sufferers for their commingling and subsequent disposal as disaster waste without separation were investigated. The value of GP of hazardous/harmful household articles was calculated and evaluated as the multiplication of household quantity possessed and percentage uncertainty for each article. An attitude survey was conducted for sufferers using questionnaires considering two large disasters: a landslide and a flood, which are further compared. In the household hazardous/harmful household articles, the GP of commingling into the disaster waste was estimated high for kerosene and cassette gas bombes in both landslide disaster and flood.


Disaster waste; Generation potential; Hazardous/harmful household articles; Questionnaire survey