Comparative Study on End-of-life Vehicles and Resource Substances through Dismantling Survey

Hasegawa, R.; Niu, X.; Xu, G.; Yano, J. (2017) Presented at 4th International Conference on Final Sinks, Kyoto, Japan, October 25, 2017


Various resource substance and hazardous substances are used for automobiles. The types and age of end-of-life vehicles (ELVs) also vary, and existing research1) has indicated that the substances and their concentrations used for them greatly differ. It is important that the resource ability of ELV to be clarified for expansion of reuse of parts making up ELV and improvement of material recycling quality.
Based on the above, for further knowledge on the condition of resource material in ELV, in addition to existing study 1), dismantling survey of ELV of a model without knowledge and chemical analysis of recovered sample were carried out.


End-of-life Vehicle; Dismantling Survey; Chemical Analysis; Rare Earth Elements