Food Loss Composition and Its Greenhouse Gas Reduction Effect in the Food Service Sector

Yanagawa, R.; Yano, J.; Asari, M.; Hirai, Y.; Niijima, T.; Katsumi, J.; Yamada, T.; Sakai, S. (2017) Presented at 4th International Conference on Final Sinks, Kyoto, Japan, October 26, 2017

While waste prevention is important for reducing environmental burdens, food loss has attracted considerable attention. However, the effects of food waste prevention and the current situation in the business sector have not been evaluated effectively or thoroughly enough. Therefore, this study focuses on food loss in the business sector, and aims to elucidate the actual scenario of the food service sector and estimate environmental impacts on the lifecycle by food loss prevention.


Food loss; food waste; waste prevention; food service; greenhouse gas