Life Cycle Assessment for On-site Anaerobic Digestion Systems for Small-scale Food Businesses

Yano, J.; Osumi, S.; Hamada, Y.; Sakai, S. (2017) Presented at 4th International Conference on Final Sinks, Kyoto, Japan, October 25, 2017

Food waste is significant in Japan. For example, 17.4 million tons, including 6.4 million and 11million tons from businesses and households, respectively, was generated in 2010 alone (MAFF, MOE2013). Of this, 3.3 million and 10 million tons of food waste from small-scale businesses and households is currently incinerated, respectively. To develop cleaner production cycles, waste-to-energy should be considered. The benefits of on-site AD for small-scale businesses include not only electricity generation but also fulfilling heating demand. This study evaluates the environmental impacts of on-site AD of food waste using a life cycle assessment (LCA).


life cycle assessment; anaerobic digestion; on-site treatment; food waste; greenhouse gas