A Waste Composition Survey of Spray Cans and Cassette Cylinder from Households in Kyoto

Yano, J.; Tsunemitsu, T.; Asari, M.; Sakai, S. (2019) Presented at The 5th 3R International Conference on Material Cycles and Waste Management, Bangkok, Thailand, February 27, 2019

Spray cans and cassette cylinders are examples of hazardous waste. The amounts of spray cans and
cassette cylinders disposed of were investigated through a household waste composition survey in Kyoto
City during 2016-2017. From approximately 1300 kg of household waste, 14.8-15.6 kg/yr of spray cans
and cassette cylinders were observed. On a numerical basis, this was 170 in 2016 and 181 in 2017. Cassette
cylinders accounted for 40 of these in both 2016 and 2017. As approximately 8.8-25.0% of them were not
disposed of in the proper waste category, more efforts have to be taken to promote proper disposal and
treatment. Spray cans with degassing equipment accounted for 60.2% in 2017. Although spray cans of
capacities greater than 100 g usually have degassing equipment to facilitate safe disposal, those without it
accounted for 25.5% in 2017, implying that old ones without degassing equipment were still being disposed
of. Although some of the disposed spray cans were not equipped with degassing devices, most of these were
nonetheless nearly empty. To ascertain temporal trends regarding the disposal of such wastes, continuous
monitoring should be employed.


spray can; cassette cylinder; waste composition survey; hazardous waste; household waste