Flows, Stocks, and Generating Factors of Spray Cans and Cassette Cylinders

Tsunemitsu, T.; Yano, J.; Mizuhara, S.; Okuda, T.; Asari, M.; Sakai, S. (2019) Presented at The 5th 3R International Conference on Material Cycles and Waste Management, Bangkok, Thailand, February 28, 2019

Spray cans and cassette cylinders need to be properly disposed of and managed, during normal times as
well as in the event of a disaster. There has been little research regarding their flow (stockpiling,
consumption, disposal, and regional ubiquity). Unfortunately, awareness and the behavior of citizens in this
field is incomplete. In this research, internet and postal questionnaire surveys were conducted with the aim of
identifying the disposal practices regarding these commodities by citizens. Our results showed that the
number of disposed spray cans per capita as of 2016 was 4.1-4.6, while that of cassette cylinders was 1.8-3.1.
The number of unopened and after usage stocks tended to be larger in disaster-affected Sendai City and
Kumamoto City than nationwide. Furthermore, the questionnaire survey found that citizens in
disaster-affected areas were sensitive to disaster awareness and information. These results imply that disaster
prevention consciousness and stock quantity are closely related. Developing a management system for
end-of-life spray cans and cassette cylinders would contribute in reducing the amount of indoor stocks during
normal times and also post-disaster disposal.


Spray can; cassette cylinder; material flow analysis; consciousness and behavior; questionnaire survey