Investigation towards tourism waste in Kyoto City through in-street bin composition survey

Li, T.; Asari, M.;Hirai, Y.; Yano, J.; Sakai, S. (2019) Proceedings of The 30th Annual Conference of JSMCWM, pp. 527-528

The accelerated development of tourism industry in Kyoto City aggravated waste management problems while there is limited discussion information on current situation. Tourism waste are discharged in various sites including in instreet bins, accommodation sectors, stations, convenience stores, retailers, restaurants and home countries. According to the results of past tourist-targeted questionnaire, in-street bins was selected as the most discharged places with pure tourists-discharged rate1. This research aims to unveil the current situation of tourism waste through waste composition survey of in-street bins in Kyoto City, thereby identifying key categories for further reduction and recycling resolutions in the city.


Tourism waste; waste reduction; plastic waste; compositional survey