Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Reduction Effect by Biomass Based Polyethylene Shopping Bags

LI, G.; Yano, J.; Sakai, S. (2019) Proceedings of The 30th Annual Conference of JSMCWM, pp. 553-554

In Japan, introducing biomass based polyethylene (bio-PE) is expected to be one of the effective measures to
achieve the target to reduce GHG emissions by 26% by 2030 compared to 2013. While Yano et al. has investigated greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction effect by introduced biomass based polyethylene (bio-PE) for waste collection bags1), shopping bags is also one of the representatives which bio-PE material can be applicable for. This study aimed to investigate the current GHG emission related to shopping bags utilization and the reduction effect by replacement of bio-PE under two different scenarios.


Shopping bags; plastic waste; greenhouse gas; biomass based polyethylene; life cycle analysis